Leader of the Pack - Janelle Frasier

Article date: April 13, 2017

by Julia Harmon


 Janelle Elaine Frasier is 18 years old. She was born on February 6, 1999 in Tribune, Kansas. Janelle has four sisters: Heather Hamblin, Rachael Dorman, Andrea Richardson, and Eva Frasier; she also has four brothers: Jason, Brett, Joe, Drew, Derek, Trevor, and Grant Frasier; and her mom and dad, Duane and Debbie Frasier.
Janelle’s favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. Her favorite song is “Make You Mine” by High Valley. Her favorite sport is volleyball and her favorite food is cheesecake.

Janelle’s plans for next year will be to attend Kansas State University taking courses for a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her favorite school memory was this year at the Homecoming Parade when the whole senior class was crammed into the bed of a pickup truck. They shared Dr Pepper, ate scotcheroos, and had smiles from ear to ear.

She loves to remember all of the songs they sang at the top of their lungs. Her favorite memory of her Senior year was one particular day in Statistics class, when they were all laughing so hard - at nothing in particular - and they couldn’t stop. The laughter went on for the entire class period.

Janelle’s favorite subject at school is her Aide hour. She absolutely loves working in the Kindergarten classroom. Kids at that age are so innocent, honest, kind, and they inspire her everyday.

Her favorite thing to do outside of school is anything having to do with writing, most prominently blogging and poetry.

The most embarrassing moment at school for Janelle was when she fell down the bus steps in high-heels with everyone watching.

Janelle’s advice to underclassmen is to, “Take advantage of the seemingly insignificant moments. Every smile is important, no matter how small. Wear crazy socks, write funny songs, dance in the hallway; because in the end, that’s what you’ll remember - those will be the moments you want to go back to.”

If she could take one thing from Weskan School with her to college she would take the people. Janelle sees herself, when she gets older, settled with a husband a couple of crazy kiddos, and working on her first book release. What Janelle will miss most about school in Weskan are her classmates. Janelle will greatly miss old friends and a community whose care is deep and genuine. She has been very blessed over the years to be in the classroom with friend’s so close they’re family. The memories will carry her far, but she knows that she will miss each and every one of them.
We wish Janelle luck after she leaves high school and heads on to college.