Leader of the Pack - Kaitlyn Murphy

Article date: April 13, 2017

by Alivia McKinney


 When the school year ends, it can be bittersweet, especially when saying goodbye to our seniors. One in particular is seventeen year old, Kaitlyn Murphy, who was born in Tribune, Kansas to her parents Camille and KB Murphy. She has four siblings: Kenli, Kadin, Kyler, and Kolbey.

Kaitlyn’s favorite movie is Warm Bodies, and her favorite song is “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood. She really enjoys playing soccer and swimming, but especially loves to draw, write, and even create her own video games. She also loves to eat chicken and dumplings.

Kaitlyn is very inspired by Mark Edward Fishback because he gives to those in need, he is very respectful and polite, and always strives to better himself and the world around him. Kaitlyn also thinks that he is positive and strong willed and that is what she strives for.
When Kaitlyn was asked what her favorite school memory was, she responded, “My favorite memory was sitting in Mrs. Cox’s room where we were laughing and playing board games and then we stopped to braid Nic Cox’s long hair.”

Through Kaitlyn’s Senior year, she has really enjoyed having Mrs. Scheimer as a teacher because she is always very organized, which makes the learning environment fun to be in. She also loves how she makes the curriculum easy to learn. However, her favorite subject has been math because it is very logical and straightforward.

If she could take one thing from Weskan School and apply it to college, Kaitlyn said it would be, “how everyone is so polite and respectful no matter who they are. Many people are losing touch with treating others as you want to be treated and so I hope that being a good person, I can help better the world, even if it's a little.”

As Kaitlyn looks back, she has loved the support from everyone around her and the way that everyone pushes and encourages her. She will miss how everyone made her believe in herself and helped her fight the good fight to stay on the path of greatness.

Next year, Kaitlyn is going to go to college where she will pursue Pre-Engineering and a steady job on the side of schooling. When Kaitlyn looks to the future, she sees herself living near the ocean and have her schooling completed.

Before Kaitlyn leaves, she would like to give some advice to the underclassmen of Weskan High School, “Don’t interrupt your teachers when they’re talking, you may just learn something. Just because you’re in school, doesn’t mean you only learn about subjects, you also get to learn about life.”

We would like to wish Kaitlyn good luck, on behalf of Weskan Schools, as we wind down this school year.