Leader of the Pack - Dalen See

Article date: May 10, 2017

by Jenna See


 Senior Dalen See is 18 years old and was born June 19, 1998. Dalen was born in Goodland, Kansas and lives in Weskan, Kansas. He lives with his parents, Ty and Kristi See, along with his two sisters, Robyn and Jenna See. Dalen’s favorite sport is track. He plans to attend Fort Hays State University and participate in Track there.

One of Dalen's favorite memories of his senior year was going on Spring Break to San Francisco, California with his class. Dalen said, “My favorite class period is aiding because I enjoy helping out Mrs. Bussen and helping the 2nd grade with their math." Dalen’s advice for the underclassmen is, "Do what you feel is best for you and not what other people feel is best for you."

In ten years, Dalen sees himself with a good career and living in a big city. If Dalen could take one thing from Weskan with him to college he said, “I would take the small town atmosphere because even the smallest college has about 20 people in the class and to me that is still a ‘big school’ class.” Dalen said that he would miss the four day week and the three day weekend the most from High School.

We would like to wish Dalen good luck at Fort Hays State University!