Straight Outta Summer

Article date: September 5, 2017

by Hannah Cress


 School is gearing up once again, and you know what that classes, new classmates, new teachers, and new books! As we reminisce on summer, we also have numerous things to look forward to this school year. So, sit back, sharpen your pencil, and get ready to have a great year!

Summer vacation is usually spent relaxing by a pool, roasting s’mores, or making a little money at your summer job. Even so, there are good parts to summer, and maybe some not-so-good parts-like when it ends. JC Allen, Freshman, spent her summer doing various 4-H activities. Among those activities she said that showing cattle was her favorite part. Senior, Keaton Tesmer, was also around cattle all summer, working at a feedlot. “My favorite part of summer was making money. I just really love money,” he stated.

All work and no play is definitely no fun. 45% of Americans take a family summer vacation during their break from school. Over this summer, Priscilla Garay, Sophomore, and her family took a trip to Disneyland. “It was really awesome!” she said, “And it was pretty close to where we lived which made it even better!” Kindergartner, Luke Bussen, also traveled with his family to Yellowstone National Park. What a great way to cure summer boredom!

Though we may wish for an endless summer, some people, parents and students alike, are grateful for the school routine. A few are even excited for some of their classes. For example, Priscilla says that the part of school that she’s most excited for is her Spanish class. “I think it will be easy since I already speak the language,” she said. JC tells us that her favorite subject this year is math because she has an awesome teacher.

Whether you’re just starting Preschool, or finishing up as a senior, school is a place where you can meet new people, stuff your brain full of information, and get settled into a routine. Even though some days it can be a struggle to get out of bed, education should be something that’s embraced, and not a burden to bear. Weskan Schools is happy to welcome all newcomers and returning students and staff back to the building, and would like to wish them luck on this upcoming school year!