Pack Profile - Mrs. Lock

Article date: October 12, 2017

by Echo Kirkham


 Welcome to Weskan School, Mrs. Lock! The newest member of the staff at Weskan came into the school year with a great and inspirational attitude. Mrs. Shari Lock, took over the position of School Secretary. Mrs. Lock commented that she wanted to work at Weskan School, “After talking to Mr. Hale and Mrs. Cox.”

When Mrs. Lock was asked what the hardest thing was to get accustomed to while working at the school, she replied, “Paperwork”, with a long sigh while continuing her work. She said that the reason she wanted to work at the Weskan School was because she liked the small town. She said, “I like kids and meeting new people in public.” She concluded by saying that next year, one of her goals was “ become more organized in my office.”

Shari Lock recently moved to Wallace County in May of 2017, and lives in Wallace. Before she moved to Wallace, she lived in Garden City and worked at Garden City High School. During her free time, Shari likes spending time with her husband, Kendall Lock, and their two kids. She also enjoys working cattle. If she ever won the lottery, Mrs. Lock said, “I would like to start a big cattle and horse ranch.”

Welcome to the staff at Weskan School, Mrs. Shari Lock. We hope you enjoy your work and becoming a part of the Weskan family.