Weskan High School Leadership Council

Article date: November 9, 2017

by Brylee Aldridge


 The Weskan High School Leadership Council is kicking off to a great start this year! This is a council installed by Brynne Wright, Weskan School Counselor, to create and improve leadership skills in Weskan Schools. The purpose is to develop leaders, encourage positive behavior, and promote a sense of community pride within our student body.

The High School teachers were asked to choose two or three students from each class that were thought to have good leadership or potential leadership qualities to be on this council. This year’s council members are Blakely Aldridge, Mac Purvis, Zachary Schemm, Jace Mackley, Brooklyn Martinez, Cody Seader, Kyle Whitley, Zack Box, Brylee Aldridge, Hallie Eck, Hannah Cress, Doniley Sexson, and Keaton Tesmer.

The council has met twice so far, and is planning to meet twice a month throughout the rest of the school year. Mrs. Wright is very excited about this council. “Leadership is a valuable life skill that some naturally have, and some can be taught. It’s a great way to improve the atmosphere at our school.”

Future plans for the council are to help the WCIA with community projects, and install a Big Brother/Big Sister program in our school. The council has come up with four qualities that good leaders possess, and they want to practice these four qualities throughout the year: integrity, honesty, inspiration, and takes responsibility for actions.

We wish the council, as well of the rest of the Weskan student body, a great rest of the year!