Can Recess be My Favorite Class?

Article date: November 15, 2017

by Kyle Whitley


 On November 11th, 2017 co-directors, Mrs. Julie Hale and Mrs. Lynn Kasten, and their pianist Mrs. Sherri Vincent, presented the musical drama “Recess!” by Keith Jackson, music by Gerald Castle, and lyrics by Michael C. Vigilant.

Here’s an overview of the play: Okay, Class, pop quiz time. What do you get when you mix a young substitute teacher with a classroom full of the seemingly dumbest (and funniest) pupils found anywhere? A wise-cracking musical that’s sure to put a smile on the principal’s face, that’s what. When Miss Quackenbush, played by Hannah Cress, takes over a class at the Little Red Schoolhouse, she soon discovers why the previous teacher had a nervous breakdown. Bad poetry, worms in lunch boxes, and a student with the measles is enough to drive anyone crazy. Unless the likeable, but harebrained pupils, can pass a simple exam, they won’t advance to the next grade. It’s one inane answer after another as Miss Quackenbush tries to promote this bunch of blockheads outta here. It won’t be easy, though. Only a fool would want to leave this school.

The pupils, in order of appearance, were Jack (Justin Seader, Sophomore), Fred (Dakota Langdell, Freshman), Dorothy (Tate Vincent, Freshman), Patsy (Echo Kirkham, Sophomore), Skippy (Dallas Langdell, Junior), Little Mary (Brooklyn Martinez, Sophomore), George (Austin Stewart, Junior), Peggy (Stephany Rother, Freshman), Additional Pupils (Zachary Schemm, Freshman and Jace Mackley, Sophomore) and the New Pupil Shirley (JC Allen, Freshman). Curtains and lights were done by Cody Seader, Sophomore, recording was up to Briann Box, and Kenzie Eck, both Freshmen.

Austin Stewart, who played George, said, “George was a really fun character and I enjoyed playing him. I think I did pretty okay.”

Cody Seader, who ran spotlight for the play, said, “Since I was so high up I couldn’t really hear what was going on. But it still looked funny when I wasn’t focusing on trying to run the spotlight.”

The play went really well with the crowd laughing as intended. “I was thoroughly entertained with the performance of “Recess!” by our high school students! It was humorous and well performed by this creative group of actors and actresses. My favorite part was seeing the youth come out of their shells and play their parts,” said audience member, Amber Walker.

The cast would like to give a special thanks to all the parents who supplied meals so that those long after school nights of practice didn't seem so long in the end.