Kansas Day

Article date: February 1, 2018

by Marja Kimmerl


 On Thursday the 25th, of January, the Weskan Elementary School students from Kindergarten to Sixth grade went on a little excursion around Wallace County. They played in the snow and walked around Weskan and even went on a field trip to Mount Sunflower, Coyote Canyon, the Butterfield Overland Trail, and the Upside Down River (also called Smokey River).

The kids had a lot of fun and learned some new things. Ameilia Myers said her favorite part was Mount Sunflower. Kaydy White and Sophia Young both said that they learned some new things about Weskans' history.

Then on Monday, January 29th, the kids celebrated Kansas Day with some activities. They made homemade taffy with Mrs. Harold and Mrs. Bussen. They also baked "Johnny Cakes" with Melinda Daily and Mrs. McKinney. Another activity was making their own homemade butter with Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Aldridge. They also made “trail mix” pouch holders with the kids. Finally, Mrs. Rother played Pioneer games with the kids.

Kansas Day was a blast for the elementary kids and overall, was really fun.