Snow Day? Snow Way!

Article date: February 1, 2018

by Hallie Eck


 There’s snow way that we had a snow day! Last week, on Monday, January 22, the Weskan High School and many other schools around, had a snow day! The students and teachers got the call late Sunday afternoon. This made some of the students very happy at Weskan Schools to be able to have that extra day to enjoy the snow. “I was very excited to have a snow day, until my dad asked for my help with chores...but hey, at least we didn’t have to go to school,” said Echo Kirkham, Sophomore.

There hasn't been a lot of snow this winter, so a majority of the students and teachers went outside to enjoy the three to four inches of snow by going sledding, making snowmen, and building igloos. “Sledding is always fun and exciting with four wheelers and friends with a place that has huge drifts and open space,” said Junior, Tracer Vincent.

Others just stayed inside and enjoyed the warmth of their blankets and hot chocolate. Josie Purvis, Junior, said, “I really enjoyed getting to watch the snow and see the beautiful weather from inside my cozy home.” Some students and teachers were forced to go outside because of chores, but they were just happy that they didn’t have to learn or teach!

The last time Weskan had to cancel school because of snow was in April of 2017. That was also the last time that Weskan got a lot of snow to have fun in. You can imagine how excited the students were to be able to play in the snow. Due to the cancellation of school on Monday, Weskan Schools had to make it up on Friday. “It’s only half a day because we have a game anyway, so I’m really not that sad. It also gets me out of work,” said Junior, Jenna See.

We hope everyone had a safe and fun snow day! Let’s hope for more snow down the road, so we can get more days like this past Monday!