Dribble, Pass, Shoot

Article date: February 8, 2018

by Kyle Whitley

Section: SPORTS

 January 29th, 2018 was the start of the WKLL Basketball Tournament. The teams that participated in the tournament were The Weskan Coyotes, Golden Plains, Palco, Northern Valley, Cheylin, Wheatland-Grinnell, Tri-plains-Brewster, and Logan.

The Weskan Coyote boys’ basketball team had another loss under their belts after facing off against Wheatland-Grinnell with a score of 58-63. The Lady Coyotes basketball team, who played off against Golden Plains, tasted bitter defeat, losing to Golden Plains 32-47.

The next day, the Weskan Coyotes went up against Golden Plains and won the game, snatching up a hard fought victory with a score 60-43. Before the boys’ game the Ladies tried their best and beat Palco 45-21.

Overall, The Northern Valley Boys won the WKLL Championship and The Golden Plains Girls’ team took first in the girls’ bracket. Jace Mackley said, “The game on Tuesday was way better than the game on Monday because we actually worked together as a team and our defense was on point.”

The hard work and dedication shown by the students of this school has really shown during these last few games. Cody Seader said, “I was excited that we put our heads together and won against Golden Plains but I was disappointed because we were still on the losing side of this season bracket.”

Good luck to both Coyote teams in the remainder of your seasons.