Eagles Deny Patriots Sixth Super Bowl Title

Article date: February 8, 2018

by Echo Kirkham


 This past Sunday, February 5th, the Philadelphia Eagles took on the New England Patriots as they took the spotlight for Super Bowl LII. When the time ran out in the fourth quarter the final score was 41-33. The Eagles won the first Super Bowl in the team’s history.

Before the Super Bowl took place the Patriots were favored by 4 and a half points to beat the Eagles. If they had won, the Patriots would have walked off with the team's sixth Super Bowl championship trophy. Tom Brady (age 40) was the Quarterback for the Patriots and Nick Foles (age 29) was the quarterback for the Eagles.

To start off the Super Bowl, Pink (Alecia Beth Moore) sang the “Star Spangled Banner” for her favorite team, the Eagles. For the halftime show, Justin Timberlake performed some of his hits, which also included a tribute to Prince.

After a survey taken of ten people from Weskan, it was clear there were several people who were cheering for the Eagles. Jenna See said, “I was cheering for the Eagles, I didn’t want the Patriots to win because of their past cheating experiences.”
Justin Seader was also cheering for the Eagles. He said, “I cheered for the Eagles because they showed a lot of hard work, and progression.”

Doniley Sexson, a Patriots fan, said, “I wanted the Patriots to win. I don't really like them but I like them better than the Eagles.” As was Laisha Herrera's opinion...“I like the Patriots because of Tom Brady and Danny Amendola.” But with only two out of ten votes Caleb Schemm put in the last vote and said “I cheered for the Eagles because nobody likes the Patriots.”