Just One More Day

Article date: March 8, 2018

by Kyle Whitley


 For years, kids with five day school weeks all over the world have been craving to have a four day week instead, but is it really all that much different? We have a perfect example right here in our little county. Within Wallace County, Sharon Springs, which has a five day school week, and Weskan, with a four day week, have been longtime rivals.

What’s so great about a four day long school week? Well, Cody Seader, a Sophomore at Weskan High School said, “Having Friday off is amazing and we get more time to do homework on the weekend. Being able to sleep in on Fridays is also a definite bonus.”

Some teachers say they love the three day weekend because they have more time to plan their lessons. With the longer class periods, students could do a lab in Science, record the data, and talk about it or do a worksheet over what they learned. We could also write an essay in English in just a few days instead of taking an entire week.

Teachers can plan on Fridays and spend the rest of their weekend just grading papers. Teachers also said that their lessons tend to be a lot better and more educational. Weskan’s four day school week really works out during football season because we have games on Fridays, which means the football players don’t have to miss school or makeup assignments they missed for a sports absence.

Fridays are ideal days to have events or study groups. Warren Bretz, a 7-12th Math Teacher said, "My wife and I are both teachers, but at Weskan we only have four days of school which means I can do things on Fridays that my wife would have to wait until Saturday to do. I feel like her weekend is more compact than my three day weekend and she has to do more during the two day weekend.”

Overall, I’m glad to be going to a four day school week instead of having to go five days.