Sub-State Ballers

Article date: March 8, 2018

by Echo Kirkham

Section: SPORTS

 As basketball comes to the end, the Coyotes Varsity basketball team played against the Sharon Springs Wildcats to see who would go on to State. The Coyotes have played the Wildcats before, but unfortunately they lost. The Coyotes didnt let that get to them.

Zack Box, a Junior, said, I feel excited, anxious, and worried, but as crunch time falls into place for our season I feel that if we work as a team we will dominate. Cody Seader, a Sophomore, also stated how he felt about playing Sharon at Sub-state saying, I feel good about the game because it will be a great challenge and I hope we can beat them." Bailey McQuillan, a Senior, put in his opinion with, Feels great to play them again...time for redemption.

On Friday March 2, 2018 the game between the two teams took place in the gymnasium at Sharon Springs High School. The game started off with a great tip off to the Coyotes. As the game progressed, the Coyote boys took the lead, but as the third quarter took place, the Coyotes lost one of their members, due to foul trouble.

The Coyotes didn't let that get them down though as they kept on fighting for the win. As they kept playing, they had some trouble with more fouls and lost three more starters. As the buzzer went off to signal the end of the fourth quarter, the score was tied at 56 points.

Going into overtime, the Coyotes had some issues, but their coach, Jason Young, kept the fire going for the next few minutes. When the final buzzer went off to signal the end of overtime, the Coyotes lost 62 to 70. Zack Box Said, It's hard seeing the season end knowing how good we did this year. It's hard losing our last game to Sharon at Sub-State. But it gives us one more chance next year to get to State my final year at Weskan.

Justin, Cody, and Dallas Seader all said how the felt about the season ending. Justin Seader said, Im glad it's over, I can't wait for Track to start. Cody Seader said, It stinks losing and seeing the season end but at least we lost to the team who won Sub-State. Dallas Seader said, Its hard because its my senior year and Ill miss every second I had with the fellows.