Leader of the Pack - Marja Kimmerl

Article date: April 11, 2018

by Hallie Eck


 Marja Kimmerl is an Exchange Student from Hann Munden, Germany. Marja is the daughter of Kerstin and Goetz Kimmerl. She has three siblings: Elia, Jona, and Rachel. “My family really inspires me, but my older sister makes wise decisions and is so good in many things that she does. Of course, I also like her so much,” said Marja.

As of right now, Marja is living with her host family Aaron, Julie, Trinity, Eli, and Maggie Aldridge. “It was a really nice experience living with them because they are so nice and welcoming.”

When Marja came to go to school at Weskan, she made many fun memories! “My favorite school memory would have to be my first Homecoming because it was really fun to dance and have fun,” said Marja. Another one of her favorite memories was the “Senior Sneak.” This year, the Seniors went to San Diego for Spring break! “It was really fun! I’ll never forget the experience I had,” she said.

When Marja isn’t having fun at school, she is either traveling, dancing, watching movies, or spending time with her host-family. “I like to dance the most! I’ve been dancing for a very long time and I just enjoy doing it,” said Marja.

Marja said, “I will miss Weskan! Especially the three day weekend, but I’m ready to go back home and finish High School and get my driver's license!” Marja is hoping that in ten years, when she is done with High School and has her driver’s license, that she is going to be living in a nice apartment and having a cool job that she likes and is fun.

We hope you had a great year in Weskan and we wish you good luck as you finish High School in Germany!