Change is Good

Article date: August 23, 2018

by Hallie Eck


 Welcome back! The Weskan students and staff members are back in action at school. Though most are not ready for the early mornings and long days at school, we must fight through it! Many changes have been instituted in the last six months, from new Teachers and Paras, to remodeled bathrooms and even a new Basketball Court!

First grade teacher, Laura Sexson, just started teaching at Weskan this year! She used to work at Cheyenne Wells as a teacher, but this year, she decided to work at Weskan. Mrs. Sexson said, “My time here has been good so far! I’m loving it. I love the positive energy that is here. I think everyone is just happy to be here and excited to be back. I just love it!”

When everyone walked in the doors to school, we all noticed a familiar face, Kenli Shaw, formerly known as Kenli Murphy. Mrs. Shaw graduated from Weskan in 2016 and is back at Weskan working as a full time Para. “Normally it wouldn’t phase me, but I think that because Kenli just graduated two years ago, it’s a little weird. She was a great student and I’m sure she will be an even better Para,” said Business teacher, Stephanie Scheimer.

Not only did we get new teachers and paras, work finished on a brand new bathroom! Weskan Schools was having a hard time with the bathrooms always being out of order, so they decided that it would just be best to re-model. The teachers and students were amazed about how great the bathrooms look. Jason Unruh and Donnie Basgall repainted the walls, added new flooring and tiles, and a new sink and stalls! The students and teachers are very thankful for their time.

A big change for the Weskan High School is their new Basketball Court! Re-doing the whole court was a big change, not just for the student athletes, but also for the Weskan Community. Weskan has had the same court for 20 years and it was time for a change and a better floor. “With the new lights installed and our new shiny floor, our gym has become a whole new environment of fun with a sleek look that represents Weskan,” said athlete, Tracer Vincent.

Many changes were brought upon us this year and we are happy for them! We thank the community and staff members for helping our school get where it is today!