Welcome Back to Weskan

Article date: August 23, 2018

by Lena Schaffeld


I used to go to Weskan High School as an exchange student from Germany in 2016. Exactly two years ago, I arrived in little Weskan and spent half a year living with my host family, the Eck’s. At first, everything was overwhelming and I struggled with the language, but after a couple of weeks, I got to know my host family better and they soon became family to me. “It is great to have Lena back because she is my sister of course! Her leaving was really hard, so being able to see her again feels amazing,” Hallie Eck.

While being at Weskan, I made new friends at school. Nowadays, I still talk to some of them and that is why I decided to come back to Weskan and see my, what I consider as, “friends for life” again.

I brought my mum with me, so she could meet all my friends in Weskan, explore the town, and see where I lived for more than five months. My mum and I started our trip in California doing some sightseeing for about a week. After we left California, we flew to Denver and drove up to Breckenridge to get some rest and do fun stuff like hiking, swimming, and more.

The following week, we finally drove to Weskan. Fortunately, my mum and I were able to stay at the Eck family’s house. We enjoyed the last days of summer with them before the girls went back to school and Heather and Chris started work. While staying at Weskan, I showed my mum the school at the annual Back-to-School BBQ. She was amazed by all the nice people that welcomed her. Unfortunately, she only could stay for four days because she had to go back to work in Germany. She loved every minute while being at Weskan and will really miss it!

Lucky for me, I got to stay one more week in Weskan before I had to go back to school in Germany for my Senior year. While at Weskan, I went to school with my sisters and friends, went to volleyball practice, and just enjoyed staying for a little while longer.

Weskan has an amazing community and I am very sure I will come back again soon. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms again and making my stay here in Weskan unforgettable!