Christmas Break

Article date: December 21, 2018

by Stephany Rother


 Every year, Christmas is one of the most fun times. Even in our little town of Weskan, people are doing all sorts of fun things over Christmas Break! From staying here and celebrating with family, to traveling to Wichita, people can’t wait to have fun and spread Christmas cheer wherever they go!

The students at Weskan can’t wait to get out for the holidays. As Jace Mackley said, “I can’t wait for Christmas Break to start because we may get to go skiing this Christmas.”

Kaitlyn Smith is ready for the Break as well! “Our Christmas will be spent at home, and then we get to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house!” The kids also can’t wait to give the presents they will pick, at the “Give-A-Gift” program, to their parents, friends, or siblings! The “Give-A-Gift” program allows the students to spread Christmas cheer by letting them pick a gift, but that gift has to be for someone else. Eli Aldridge said, “I get to go to Wichita to see Meme and Papa and give them my gifts.”

But it isn’t just the kids who are excited for break...the staff is too! Mrs. Cox tells us, “What I am looking forward to the most this Christmas Break, is to not have a schedule. I will get to spend all day with my kids!” Mr. Bretz can’t wait for Christmas Break either. He laughs, “My favorite part about Christmas Break is not losing more hair for 16 days.”

Of course, Christmas isn’t just about traveling places or getting presents. It is about family! Mrs. Walker tells us that, “I want to go spoil my Grandkids rotten for break! Whether we are here in Weskan or in Cheyenne Wells, I will have a wonderful Christmas with my family.”

Haven Cox said, “I get to see my family for Christmas!” Spending time with family is a great way to spend the holidays! So even though we still have the rest of this week left until Christmas Break begins, we wish you all a Merry Christmas!