Weather Patterns for 2019

Article date: January 24, 2019

by Josie Purvis


 These past few weeks, many have probably noticed dense fog all around Wallace County! While fog isn’t a new thing, it’s not typically this intense for this long of a period. Most times, weather comes in patterns, so what does that look like for 2019?

First, when looking through the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the data says we should have a mild winter. The next few months look warmer than past years. January and mid-February will probably be the coldest parts of the winter. This year, late January and March will probably be the snowiest months. Kansas Farmer says that there will most likely be above average precipitation this year -- the average was taken from the last 30 years!

Kansas Farmer is also predicting an “El Nino” event. That is, lower than normal air pressure over the eastern, tropical Pacific resulting in warmer temperatures and weaker east to west winds. These happen in two to seven-year cycles, and can bring unexpected or drastic weather changes.

The spring months look warm and wet; they should bring higher than average temperatures, and lots of rain! However, summer looks slightly drier than usual, with the usual high temperatures.

Overall, this year should start out warmer than usual, but filled snow. Then, things will get slightly warmer, bringing lots of rain. Next, it will most likely not be very rainy, but have lots of heat. Finally, the year will close out an “average” Western Kansas Winter.

For more information, check the Old Farmer’s Almanac; you can find a free version online, or buy it for a full year summary! You can also check Kansas Farmer, a website. Both resources offer much more than just weather. The weather is a prediction, and they can be, at times, incorrect.