100 Days Down at Weskan School

Article date: February 27, 2019

by Echo Kirkham


 Happy One-Hundredth Birthday Weskan Kindergarten through Third Grade! Oops, maybe we should be saying, Happy One-Hundredth DAY. You have now survived a hundred days of school. How did you survive and live to tell about it?

Weskan students, Kindergarten through Third Grade are pioneers, traveling on the trail called learning. They have learned how to read, spell, and write. They have done difficult math problems, and have even learned about our U.S. Presidents.

All this school work has really taken a toll on them, but no matter how they feel or look, their spirits are high as they celebrate this huge milestone. They are on their way to summer vacation, and eventually, Senior graduation.

Kindergarten through Third Grade spent Hundredth Day dressing up like one-hundred-year-old little humans. Many had gray hair, cute wrinkles, suspenders, walkers, canes, oxygen tanks, and granny and grampy clothes. (Don't feel bad grandpa and grandma, we still love you.)

Not only did the students dress up, but also the teachers! The kids loved seeing the elementary teachers dress up with them. They laughed with excitement as they called their teacher, “Mrs. Grandma” instead of “Mrs. Walker”.

Groups of Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Graders made “schools” of one-hundred fish to put in a huge fish bowls, played games, and celebrated together. To finish off the day, they all celebrated with snacks and games.

Happy One-Hundredth Day Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grade! Weskan and your teachers are so proud that you are continuing down the trail of learning. You only have eight school days until Spring Break, and just 42 school days until summer vacation!

Start counting down, but don't forget to keep learning during those 42 days. You got this!!!