Regional Basketball

Article date: February 27, 2019

by Stephany Rother

Section: SPORTS

 Last week was the start of Regional Basketball. Monday, the Lady Coyotes had a bye-round because they were ranked first in their Regional Division. On Tuesday, the Weskan Coyotes played against the Greeley County Jackrabbits. The game was played at Weskan Schools, since the Coyotes had a higher rank against the Jackrabbits.

The Coyotes played hard. At half time, the score was 24-18, in favor of Greeley County. However, the Coyotes pushed, and at the end of the third quarter, the game was tied up at 34-34.

A nerve-racking last quarter had the crowd on their feet as both teams would score a basket, then the other team would come back and score two. The game was on until the last second, with the final score being 45-44, in favor of Greeley County.
It was a tough loss, but the Coyotes worked hard. Zach Schemm told us, “I think we did pretty good for what we had this year.”

After the Coyotes played on Tuesday, the Lady Coyotes got to play on Thursday. The Lady Coyotes played the Lady Quinter Bulldogs. The game started with the Lady Bulldogs ahead, and at halftime, the score was 24-16, in favor of the Lady Bulldogs.
The Lady Coyotes came back in the third quarter and only let the Lady Bulldogs score two points. However, the Lady Coyotes only managed to score six points during that quarter, so the Lady Bulldogs were still ahead.

In the end, the Lady Coyotes lost the game with a final score of, 45-39. JC Allen said, “This year was a good year. We had a great season. It was a shame that it had to end that way, but I am grateful that I got to play with the Seniors one last time.”

Overall, the Weskan Coyotes had a good run. The end of the season came sooner than they were hoping, but both teams put up a good fight. As basketball season ends, and track season begins, we wish our Coyotes luck in track!