Leader of the Pack - Hallie Eck

Article date: April 2, 2019

by Echo Kirkham


 Hallie Danielle Eck, age 18, was born on December 06, 2000 in Pratt, Kansas. She currently lives in Weskan, Kansas with her two parents, Chris and Heather Eck. Hallie also has two siblings; Kenzie and Breckyn. Hallie plans to attend Colby Community College and major in Early Childhood Education.

One of her favorite memories in High School was her Junior Prom because it was so beautiful! “It was fun decorating it with my class. I also had an awesome date, gorgeous dress, and fun friends to dance with,” said Hallie. Her favorite memory of her Senior year was Senior Sneak! “I enjoyed being with my friends and my mom and dad (sponsors). It was a great time and I will always remember it.”

Hallie’s favorite song is “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, her favorite sport is Cheer, and spaghetti is her all-time favorite food. She loves to watch Netflix and her favorite show is “The Vampire Diaries”. Hallie thinks that she may have an addiction.

When asked about her most embarrassing moment in school, she said, “I was sitting in Math class, by the window, and a bird just flew into the window. I screamed so loud that elementary teachers were asking if I was okay.” Her favorite subject is Aiding for Mrs. Walker. “She is my inspiration for wanting to teach,” explained Hallie. Hallie’s all-time favorite teacher is Mr. Bretz because he is so easy and fun to talk to.

Hallie’s advice to underclassmen is not to wish High School away. You will make many fun memories, with a lot friends, that you will cherish forever. When Hallie leaves Weskan, she wishes that she could take Mrs. Walker with her because she has taught her everything she knows about teaching. She would also love to take all the sweet kids who give her hugs and talks to her every day.

The most inspiring person in Hallie’s life would be her mom. “My mama inspires me the most! She has been my ‘ride or die’ since day one. She is my person whom I laugh with, cry with, talk with, and have fun with. I’m so lucky to have her and I would have no idea what I would do without her. I love you!”

She will miss all the amazing teachers that have taught her and helped her through High School. “I will also miss some of my classmates that have become my family.” In ten years, Hallie hopes to be teaching Kindergarten somewhere in Kansas. Preferably close to her home.

We would like to wish Hallie Eck good luck when she leaves for college.