Leader of the Pack - Julia Harmon

Article date: April 10, 2019

by Jenna See


 Julia Ann Harmon was born on May 21, 2001, in Natchez, Mississippi. Julia is the daughter of Mike and Felicia Mireles. Julia has two siblings, Ryan Colgin, and Josalie Mireles. Julia said that, out of anyone in the world, her mom inspires her the most. “She inspires me the most because she shows and tells me what’s right or wrong. She also is like a best friend to me and she understands me”.

Julia, throughout her life, has developed a love for different music, food, and movies, but out of all the things in the world, these are her favorites. Her favorite movie is Ponyo. Julia’s favorite song is “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman, her favorite sport is Volleyball, and her favorite food is Sushi.

Next year Julia plans to attend Colby Community College. Julia said if she could take one thing with her from Weskan, it would be some art things that Mrs. Kasten has because there is such a wide range of supplies.

Julia is going to miss the Prom and Homecoming activities and dances the most. “I will miss Prom and Homecoming with all my friends and going out to Penny’s Diner after the dances.” Julia’s favorite Senior year memory was when Jenna got Homecoming Queen.

Along with everyone in the school, at some point in time, there is always an embarrassing moment. Julia said, “My most embarrassing moment at school is when I sneezed so loud on accident and someone asked me if I was okay.”

Julia stated, “My favorite subject is Art because I have always been crafty, and my favorite teacher is Mr. Bretz because he jokes a lot with me during class and in times that I’m not in his class.” As seniors, we can always give the underclassman advice, but they have to choose whether to take it in or to brush it off. Julia’s advice to the underclassmen is, “Just because you think you can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t, just believe in yourself and sooner or later you will move forward!”

One of Julia’s favorite things to do outside of school is to talk on the phone with her friends that live far away. She also likes to play video games with them. It is always hard to have friends far away from us, but it's always fun to keep in touch with them and have fun together, even if it's through technology.

When asked where Julia could see her self being in ten years, she said, “I see myself in a decent sized home, with some dogs and a soul mate.”

We would like to wish Julia Harmon good luck in college and to embrace what the future has planned for her.