Leader of the Pack - Zackary Box

Article date: April 10, 2019

by Hallie Eck


 Zackary Glenn Box was born on October 5, 2000 in Tribune, Kansas, making him 18 years old. Zack is the son of Rodney and Kelly Box. In Zack’s family, he has two siblings, Chandler Gibbs and Briann Box.

Zack has many favorite things such as a movie, song, sport, and a food. His favorite movie is Ready Player One, favorite song is “Sunflower”, by Post Malone, favorite sport is Track, and his favorite food is fried pickles!

After High School, Zack plans to go to Colby Community College to study Physical Education. Although Zack is ready to go to college, he will never forget High School and all the memories he has made.

“My favorite memory of Senior year was winning the Six-Man State Football Championship for the second time. But my favorite memory of High School was going to Los Angeles, California with my friends, also known as family, for Senior Sneak,” said Zack.

We have all had many embarrassing moments at school and Zack’s was embarrassing for sure! Zack said his most embarrassing moment of all was, “When my warm-ups and shorts fell down in front of all the Dighton girls cheer team at Sub-State Basketball,” said Zack.

Now, we all have that one class that we just love and can’t wait to go to during the day and Zack’s favorite class is, “Aiding for Coach Clow because he taught me a lot about the field that I want to go into. He is also my favorite teacher,” he said.

When Zack is not in school, his favorite things to do include: playing video games, playing online chess, hanging with friends, and kicking field goals.

We all love to imagine what our future will look like, but what does Zack picture his future to look like in ten years? “I would be living in Weskan, coaching football and track, while being a P.E teacher. I will also have a wife and live in a medium house,” Zack said.

As he heads off to college, he will miss certain things about High School. “I will miss being around the culture and playing sports with my team,” said Zack. Zack also said, “I wish I could take the golden track baton because after every year of High School, I have always ended with it in my hand, running across the finishing line at State.”

Everyone has someone that inspires them in life and Zack’s inspiration is Tracer Vincent. “Tracer inspires me because I see that God made a man in him and he shows great leadership roles. He is also definitely one of my best friends,” said Zack.
Zack, Weskan School wishes you the best of luck as you start the next chapter of your life! Enjoy every moment and make lots of memories!