Leader of the Pack - Austin Stewart

Article date: May 2, 2019

by Hallie Eck


 Austin Stewart, age 17, was born in Colby, Kansas, on June 17, 2001. Austin is the son of Jasmine Shea. He has an older sister named Teal Stewart, and also has a younger sister, Irelynd Shea.

Austin has many favorite things such as the movie Jurassic Park, football, and a yummy bacon cheeseburger! Austin also has many favorite memories. “My favorite school memory was going to Universal Studios during Senior Sneak,” said Austin.
Winning State football and starting on Varsity defense was another favorite of Austin’s. His favorite subject is Physics with Mr. Bretz because, “He is a realist and is really funny.” While out of school, Austin’s favorite thing to do is to go hunting and fishing. He also likes to play with his dogs!

We have all had our fair share of embarrassing moments at school. Austin’s most embarrassing moment was, “When I forgot a line in the school play my Senior year. It was the lead role, too.”

After High School, Austin plans on going to Colby Community College and majoring in Wildlife Biology. Austin hopes that in ten years, after college and such, that he will be living in a cabin that is the size of a mansion in Wyoming!

As graduation is coming close, we are starting to realize that we will be leaving Weskan Schools. “If I could take one thing from Weskan Schools with me to college, it would be the brotherhood that I made during sports, because everyone had each other’s back,” said Austin. Austin will also miss the sports!

When asked what advice Austin would like to give to the underclassmen, he said, “Be determined and focused.” Ty See was the most inspiring person to Austin in his life and he said, “He kept pushing me further than ever and helped me get better.”

We would all like to wish Austin Stewart the best of luck in college and after college! Achieve your dreams!