Leader of the Pack - Tracer Vincent

Article date: May 2, 2019

by Kenzie Eck


 Tracer Vincent, age 18, was born on September 17, 2000, in Burlington, Colorado. Tracer is the son of Thad and Sherri Vincent. He has two siblings: Tran and Tatianna. “My dad inspires me the most, for he knows more than I’ll ever understand. He has taught me a lot of different mechanics for everyday life,” said Tracer Vincent.

Tracer has developed many favorite things throughout his life. For example, Tracer loves any movie with Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart. Tracer also has a passion for football. Tracer’s favorite meal is chicken fried steak with corn, carrots, and gravy. Tracer’s hobbies include: upgrading equipment, playing video games, and bonding with his dog, Tex.

Tracer’s favorite school memory is getting to know the underclassmen better and taking Work Study to learn more farming practices and, of course, to get out of school. His favorite subject in school is Weights with Coach Clow. “The idea that lifting iron is for a grade is pretty nice,” said Tracer.

Tracer’s favorite memory of Senior year is winning a second 6-man State Football Championship. “It helped create a bond with the guys that was similar to my Freshman year with Edgar Valenzuela, Layne Miller, and Peter Cress. That made my Freshman year amazing,” said Tracer. “If you have a good work ethic and morals, friends and success will come naturally,” is Tracer’s advice to the underclassmen.

Tracer’s plan for next year is to attend Northwest Technical College in Goodland, for the Kansas Institute of Diesel Mechanics. If Tracer could take one thing from Weskan School with him to college, he would take a T1-83 calculator, so that all of his math problems could be taken care of. Tracer said, “I will miss having time with friends for 10 hours a day, competing, working, and compromising together in the classrooms, and on the court and field.”

Tracer, in ten years, sees himself working as a Locomotive Engineer for Union Pacific, and living near Weskan. He plans to, hopefully, start a family and run a bit of livestock.

We would like to wish Tracer good luck as he steps into this new chapter of his life!