Weskan Explores Da Vinci in Denver

Article date: May 8, 2019

by Josie Purvis


 On April 24th, the Weskan Art Classes hopped on a bus and trekked to Denver to visit an exhibit all about Da Vinci and his many accomplishments. The students that went had to be a part of any one of the art classes offered to the High School: Independent Art, High School Art, or Art Appreciation. There were a total of 19 students and four sponsors from Weskan. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science had over 1,500 kids there that day to visit the Da Vinci exhibit!

Students involved in this trip included: Kyle Whitley, Austin Stewart, Briann Box, Zackary Box, Julia Harmon, Josie Purvis, Echo Kirkham, Tracer Vincent, Samuel Leedom, Hallie Eck, Jenna See, Kenzie Eck, Stephany Rother, JC Allen, Tatianna Vincent, Hannah Young, Blakely Aldridge, Caleb Schemm, and Jace Mackley. The sponsors were Jessica Cox, Lynn Kasten, Kenli Shaw, and Kyleanna Young.

Everyone involved had to be up bright and early on the 24th so that they could make it to the school before 6 am when the bus took off. The students and sponsors made it to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science around 9:30, and got to walk around and explore a few exhibits until 10:15. At that time, they headed to the iMax theater to watch Superpower Dogs, a documentary about dogs in teams. These teams included disaster response, lifeguard, search and rescue, and much more.

After the movie, everyone regrouped and headed off to see the Da Vinci exhibit. Once inside, they got to see examples of his many inventions, reproductions of his artwork, and a full walk through on the mysteries of the Mona Lisa.
Austin Stewart said, “My favorite exhibit was the machine gun. It’s so cool that he designed it so long ago!” The museum included inventions like a primitive helicopter design, a transportable bridge, the first machine guns, and an early scuba suit. The students got to walk around and explore for two hours.

Kyle Whitley said, “I liked the interactive catapults at the exhibit. It was really fun to see how they worked. There were a lot of really cool things that you wouldn’t think that he invented, but he did!”

When the group was done, everybody hopped back on the bus, got some lunch, and headed home. This was a great experience for students to learn about a true Renaissance man!

All of the students appreciated this opportunity and got to learn a lot about art and Da Vinci. The students would like to thank their sponsors for this opportunity to learn more about art!