Do Teachers Give Too Much Homework

Article date: November 1, 2019

by Teagan Summers


 The big question at school is always, “Why do we have so much homework?!” When asking some people around Weskan Schools we had a few different opinions. Mr. Bretz, a Math teacher, said, “No, we do not give too much homework, considering we do have a four day week, we do not give too much homework! What else are the students supposed to do on Friday’s?”

Ms. Albers, an English teacher, said, “No we do not give too much homework. All the teachers give plenty of time in class to do homework; the students have to use their time wisely or they will have homework…but that is their fault for not using time wisely in class!”

Addison Aldridge, fifth-grader, agreed with Ms. Albers, saying, “Sometimes we have too much homework, but sometimes we don’t, I think we just have to use our time wisely during class.”

David Young, eighth grade, said, “Yes, we have too much homework, but I think they are just wanting to keep us busy and keep us from living our normal lives”. An article in 2016 from New York Times, says, that “…first or second-graders usually spend an average of 25-30 minutes on homework each night. But, High School students spend anywhere between one hour to three and a half hours each night”.

Sometimes students have to leave for sport-related activities and miss class. In my opinion, I think that students should have a lighter load of homework on those days. The students that do not do sports should be given the same amount of homework. Instead of having regular classes, teachers should help the students, who aren’t missing on game days, with any questions they might have.

As a Freshman, Strid Loudon, said, “Yes, they give too much homework because most times we have homework in every class”. Student-athletes shouldn’t be overloaded with homework on a game day. They need extra rest so they are ready to focus on school the next day! Samuel Leedom said, “Sometimes we have too much homework, but most times I think we need it to learn.”

A new study habit going on in Weskan High School this year, is called “Take Ten”, which is where you are supposed to take at LEAST ten minutes studying in each class every night, and even more if needed.