Volleyball Season Comes to A Close

Article date: November 1, 2019

by Echo Kirkham

Section: SPORTS

 This past week, on Tuesday, the Weskan Volleyball team went to Tribune, Kansas, hoping to see if they could win two games at Regionals, which would allow them to qualify for Sub-State.

The Lady Coyotes played against the Lady Jackrabbits in a 3-set game. The scores of each set were 30 to 28 Coyotes, 24 to 26 Jackrabbits, and 17 to 25 Jackrabbits. Sadly the Coyotes lost their first game, therefore, they couldn't continue on to the next.

Bethany Rother said, “Our record may not show the bond we had but that’s okay, because the bonding and memories we had were a win in its own way. I can’t wait for next year.”

Each girl had to play almost every position and try their best in the area they were in. Tate Vincent said, “My favorite part of Volleyball is serving. This year was a good year. I had fun bonding with my teammates. I can't wait to see them on the court for Basketball.”

Overall, they had a rough season but that didn't get their spirits down. JC Allen explained, “I have really enjoyed getting to know the team on a personal level. We focused on team bonding this year. It was an awesome fun year.”

The Lady Coyotes might not have won this year, but they still had fun and most are looking forward to next year's Volleyball season.