The Big Bad Musical

Article date: November 21, 2019

by Teagan Summers


 Every year the Weskan High School students put on a play that was performed on, Saturday, November 9, 2019. This year it happened to be called, “The Big Bad Musical”. This was Sophie Haas’ first musical and she said, “I really liked the play. I’ve never done a play before, so it was a good experience and we always had a lot of fun at practices.”

This was Mrs. Hale’s last musical, since this is her last year teaching at Weskan. When asked about how she felt about producing her very last musical, she seemed very pleased with the way it went. She said, “This was the last musical I got to produce; it was bittersweet! In my career I have done nineteen productions during my teaching years, so I was sad to see it end. The kind words the kids said to me at the end really touched my heart! I’m really excited to see Mrs. Myers takeover since she has a lot of experience. I think the kids will have a lot of fun with her!”.

There were several students who participated in the play this year, which include; Hannah Young (Pig One), Dakota Langdell (The Shepherd), Echo Kirkham (Pig Two), Desirae McQuillan (Pig Three), Zach Schemm (Bill Woodcutter), Jadon Schemm (The Boy Who Cried Wolf), Bethany Rother (Big Bad Wolf), Sophie Haas (Wolfette), Briann Box (Wolfette), Caleb Rother (Judge Wise Old Man), Autumn Martinek (Evil Stepmother), JC Allen (Miss Muffitt), Tatianna Vincent (Sydney Grimm), Stephany Rother (Fairy Godmother), Brielle Allen (Little Red Riding Hood), Ariana Okeson (Grandmother Hood).

What was the musical about, you may ask? Well, it was a bunch of fairytale characters that had to have a court case to see if the Big Bad Wolf was guilty of eating sheep, Little Red Riding Hood's grandma, and blowing down the Three Little Pig’s houses. Everyone had to give their testimony and the wolves had to tell their side of the story. In the end, the wolf was not guilty!

“It was very stressful and I messed around a lot. But it was worth it in the end and I think it turned out great!” You could tell that the play had a lot of practice and was rehearsed a lot. As Zach Schemm said, “It was really fun, other than having a lot of practices and the late nights. However, when we actually got to the real deal it was tons of fun. Then we all we to Penny’s diner afterward”!