New Devices

Article date: February 13, 2020

by Stephany Rother


 Technology is ever-changing in today’s world! However, new technology costs money, but is considered to be an essential part of a well-rounded education. Weskan Schools was lacking the funds to buy new technology, so the Wallace County Foundation awarded Weskan Schools an $8,333.75 grant! The money was used to buy 37 Chromebooks, 8 iPads, and 8 iPad covers. The Chromebooks will go to the High School, and the iPads, along with their stylish covers, will go to the Elementary.

The Chromebooks are a big improvement for the High School! Upon seeing the new Chromebooks for the first time, senior Echo Kirkham said, “Holy cow these things are nice! I feel like I am in college with one of these!” Before this grant, the High School students had to use smaller Chromebooks that made typing extremely difficult.

As Desirae McQuillian, Freshmen, said, “The old Chromebooks cramped my hands. These new ones will really help me with my work!” These new and improved Chromebooks will be used in the English, Science, and History/Ag classrooms because that is where they will get used the most.

The grant, provided by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation for “Technology for Teens and Tots”, will be extremely beneficial for students of all ages, not just the High School! The iPads are something the elementary students use all of the time. As Kaitlyn Smith, a fourth-grader, said, “I used the old iPads a lot. These new ones are better!”

Weskan Schools can’t thank the Wallace County Foundation enough! The new technology you allowed us to buy will help students for years to come!