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Are You Ready?!?
School is almost upon us...the first day is right around the corner...make the most of this year!

Total Eclipse of 2017
Students view the Eclipse for the first time, watching as the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth!

Will It Work?
Students work on a STEAM project on Literacy Night. Their challenge was to create a chair out of cardboard and masking tape. The chair, when finished, had to hold their weight while sitting in it!

...When Will I Ever Use This...
Priscilla Garay works a math problem on her whiteboard while Hannah Cress looks on.

Headed for the End Zone!
Bailey McQuillan heads for the end zone as Caleb Schemm helps fend off a defender.

Who's Got Spirit??
Junior, Zack Box, flaunts his purple and gold during Homecoming Week!

"Coyotes Got Game"
Congratulations to Bailey McQuillan and Laisha Herrera who were named 2017 Homecoming King & Queen!

William Allen White
Our Readers took a trip to Emporia to attend the William Allen White Festival!

Take Flight...You Are Meant to Soar!
The Elementary students visited the Spencer Flight Center in Scott City, KS, where they learned about airplanes and what makes them work.

Lady Coyotes Close the Book on Another Season!
JC Allen prepares to spike the ball in the last volleyball game of the season.

Weskan Coyote Football Team, 2017
The Weskan Coyotes finished 3rd in the 6-man State Football Championships. Congratulations to the coaches and players on a job well done!

The Cast and Crew of the Fall Musical, "Recess!", made the crowd roar with laughter.